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2013 Avanzi

We released the 2013 Avanzi  in late 2016. This blended wine is not technically a Bordeaux blend because during tasting trials we decided to add a Rhone wine to the mix. Consequently the blend became: Merlot (45%), Syrah (36%), Cabernet Sauvignon (18%) and Cabernet Franc (1%). Of these varieties, three were estate varietals, and the fourth purchased from a fine West Side Paso Robles vineyard.

Our original intent when developing this 2013 wine was to emulate “Left Bank” and/or “Right Bank” French wines using Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot in roughly even proportions.  This is done in the Graves area of France. That idea changed as we blended and tasted various blends.

The siren song of a really balanced, flavorful unique wine that paired perfectly with a very large number of dishes “demanded” we make the 2013 Avanzi a blend of Bordeaux and Rhone wines.   Accompanying foods is a must attribute for a De Angelis Wines offering. The 2013 Avanzi was a keeper. We decided to go with the Bordeaux/Rhone variety blend  in the 2013 Avanzi, and have not regretted that — for even a minute!

This  2013, deeply colored red wine has a great nose, a wonderful foremouth and an equally great finish. The pH is 3.69 and the alcohol is 14.2%. This wine excels in the overall sensations  of taste and balance!  One aspect we particularly enjoy is the  smooth mouthfeel that the 2013 Avanzi rewards the drinker with, regardless of what’s for dinner!

We decided to return to our original concept of Left and Right bank offerings in 2014. That is exactly what we have done.  The 2014 Avanzi (A different blend) is was bottled  last year, and is resting comfortably until its release in 2018. We think this second Avanzi is worth the wait.

           NOTE: We only ship wine to California and Washington D.C.!