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Jerry_Marsha_vineyardThis adventure in winemaking began in 1999. We planted a small vineyard in Chardonnay, Syrah, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc and Malvasia Bianca on the Central Coast of California. We also planted 165 olive trees on our land.

Shortly after we planted, a neighbor planted a 30 acre vineyard, mostly in Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Syrah. As we became more involved with our own winemaking, we tended to spend more time with the neighbor as his vineyard grew, and we began to share information, problems, and at least most of the time solutions. At no time were we contemplating making wine or oil commercially. In 2004, we were asked to become the winemakers for our neighbor and agreed to do so, and seemingly overnight we had full time jobs. This kept us busy as we made 4200 cases of wine that year for the neighbor.

The Central Coast of the California is known for Pinot Noir, and Chardonnay. It has also been known for the last few years as a great place to grow Rhone varieties, and make quite fine wines from them. A little farther north, and inland, Zinfandel and Cabernet Sauvignon were grown along with other selected Bordeaux varieties. To the south Viognier, Roussanne and even more Pinot Noir have been fairly heavily planted. Since 1999, the same area has increased production until it is now home to some incredibly large vineyards in the area.

wood barrelIn 2006 we were asked to help design a new winery, where wines would be made for a number of people, as well for as ourselves. We accepted the challenge and along with designing much if the facility, and purchasing the equipment, we became the winemakers. During that year we not only made wines for others, but established De Angelis Wines – our own brand. De Angelis Wines is a small production label, where each wine is literally crafted by hand. The total production of our 2006 wines was 355 cases. Production in 2007 was 535 cases of our wines. All our fruit froze in 2008, so not wine was produced. We increased production in 2009 to 735 cases. In addition, we also managed to make approximately 12,000 cases for other folks at the winery, and to do this with 12-14 different varieties of grapes. We have vowed that De Angelis Wines will never make more than 1200 cases of wine in any one year.

We are very serious winemakers. We say that knowing full well that there are many other fine, serious winemakers in California. Our business background as well as our research background provides us a unique skill set that is of tremendous importance in the the winemaking process. We have only one goal in mind: Make the best wines possible. Try some, and let us know if we have succeeded in that task.

Jerry & Marsha

PS – We have recently grafted all of our multiple grape varieties to Dolcetto – a wonderful Italian grape that develops incredible fruit from which great wine can be made. Be on the lookout for that!