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2009 Viognier

2009-Library-ViognierDe Angelis Wines made this 2009 Viognier  from Northern California fruit of exceptional quality. This choice of location was serendipitous. We made Viognier in an earlier year for a client.  She obtained the fruit from her family vineyard’s  in  northern  California.  We asked for the same fruit  for to be delivered to De Angelis Wines in  2009.  She  consented, and reserved fruit or us. She also made it a point to  see that we were allocated what we ordered.  In retrospect, we were very fortunate.

After fermentation, half of the wine spent 4 months in re-shaved Hungarian oak barrels, while the other half of the wine spent the same amount of time in a stainless steel tank. At the end of that time we combined both lots  of the Viognier. The wine aged until the Spring of 2011. We bottled the wine at the end of this period. Bottle aging for an additional for 4 months continued until the wine developed  its unique character and sensory profile.

The acidity of our Viognier is perfectly balanced, and the alcohol level is a consumer friendly 13.5%. The alcohol level is important in a wine that is meant to accompany food.   In our opinion, high alcohol masks the wine flavors, and effects the acidic balance of a white wine. The latter is consequential.  Many Viognier from the Central Coast of California exhibit 15%-16% alcohol levels. Our goal was to develop a wine that could be enjoyed alone, with an appetizer  or with a full meal.

Our 2009 Viognier offers a long finish.  Serve this wine with most chicken, fish appetizers or main dishes. Any foul or fish dish, as well as a lighter pasta dish is especially good with this wine. As it ages, it keeps tasting better and better!

This is the second wine added to the De Angelis Wines Library collection.