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Pane Pugliese – Molina Sima Version

The following recipe is  excerpted from a Molina Sima recipe booklet.  Commercial quantities and metric measures are included.  Quantities can be modified using the The Bakers Percentage spread sheet posted on The Artisan.


Ingredient Fine ground durum wheat  Basis   Unbleached all purpose flour Basis Bakers %
Flour 10 kg. 10 kg.  100
“Old Dough” or Biga (See note below) 1.5 kg. 1.0 kg. 15 – 10
Yeast 180 g. 180 g. 1.8
Salt 200 g. 200 g. 2.0
Water @ 59-66° f. 7.2 L 7.2 L 72

Temperature of the dough should be 73-77° F.


Fork mixer           20 minutes  
Spiral mixer 8 minutes 

Resting Time:

Resting time 1 -1.5 hours

Form pieces from 600 g.  to 2 kg and let them rest for 30-35 minutes.  Flatten the pieces and leave them for another 30 minutes. Shape the pieces into rounds and make 4 incisions forming a central quadrant.    

Baking Time:

Baking Time 30 -45 minutes

Advised temperature:  10 degrees less than normal use (as a guide: 410-425 F)  

Note: The terms “old dough” and biga are often used interchangeably, even though they each produce different results.  What follows is a formula for a traditional biga:  


Unbleached all purpose flour 10 Kg.
Water (60 – 68 ° F. 5 L.
Compressed Yeast 70 g (Summer) :: 100 g. (Winter)

Knead the ingredients according to the equipment employed:

Fork mixer           12 minutes  
Spiral mixer 8 minutes 

The dough should be at 62-66° F and rest for approximately 16-18 hours. 

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