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Pizzeria Ortica…CA

PIZZERIA ORTICA is located near one of the largest shopping malls in Orange County, CA. It is easy to find, and parking is good. [Address  & phone number provided at the end of this review.] It is an oblong restaurant that has a patio at the  front end, and interior that is quite nice. On the night we decided to have pizza, we neglected to make reservations. The staff was great, and found us a table on the patio.

While not a fancy restaurant, it was much nicer than some pizzeria restaurants we have dined in over the years. It smelled great, the staff was very busy, yet cheerful, and welcoming.  We were seated,  told the specials and, at our request, were left alone so that we could explore the menu, and the wine list.

The menu is substantial, and not the standard red table cloth fare found in many faux Italian restaurants. The David Myer Group really tried and has succeeded in developing choices not found everywhere. The Antipasto list is filled with interesting items and the price range varies from $7.00 to $13.00. We decided on the Charred Mediterranean Octopus, ($12.00) Yukon Gold Potato, Celery hearts and Capers as one choice. Our second Antipasto choice was a shredded and wonderfully favored Chicken special, ($8.00) that was excellent.  The dish was Conserva di Pollo. This consisted of olive oil, shredded chicken, Parmigiano, vegetables, and balsamic dressing.

The wine  list is excellent with a good percentage of Italian wines, as well as nice California selections. We decided to order a couple of glasses of Verdicchio Umani – a dry Italian wine that was perfect with the Octopus and the Chicken.

There are 12 pizze on the Menu as well as 5 Paste. Since the name of the restaurant is PIZZERIA ORTICA we opted for pizza as our dinner choice.  After a long and careful discussion of the choices we decided to go with a Guanciale Pizza for $16.00. (Guanciale is basically a bacon made from the cheek of pigs.)  We accompanied the pizza with a red wine .  A Montepulciano d’ Abruzzo – a wine we have had many times – as it seemed to be the wine for this pizza. It was.

By the time for desert, we had met the General Manager of the restaurant, Patrick Hotchkiss, as well as the Executive chef Justin Miller, and chatted about the restaurant with them.

We have had pizza everywhere from Rome, Siena, and Florence, as well as restaurants in The Marche in Italy,  to New York, New Haven and California in the United States.  PIZZERIA ORTICA serves some of the best we have had anywhere, and including California.

Dinner for two, including wine, was  $73.27.  We feel that given the quality of the ingredients, the service and the overall dining experience it was well worth it.  We will go back when we can, that’s for sure!


650 Anton Boulevard, Costa Mesa, CA 92626



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