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Pomo Pizzeria Napolitano…

Pomo Pizzeria Napoletana (Pomo) is a classy restaurant. Small, well appointed and easy to relax in when dining. We have been there at least twice, and keep gong back. Why? Simple. The Pizze are great as well as authentic. They should be because the pizzaiola is from Naples. This is one of the few pizza restaurants – anywhere in the USA – that holds the Verace Pizza Napolitana certification. That’s hard to get, and hard to keep.

The choices of pizze are standard. However, there are some interesting new takes on some of the choices. Many are made with mozzarella di bufffala from the Campagna region (Naples area)  The easiest way to review the choices is to take a look at the Pomo  Menu. [Kudos to the Pomo web designer. He or she did a great job on the menu presentation.]  As can be seen there are some very nice Antipasti, interesting  Insalate (Salads) and a few Paste (Pasta) choices.

We opted to go with the Verdure Grigliate for an antipasto. The serving was barely enough for one person – let alone two. The vegetables – while grilled perfectly, were barely warm when they arrived at the table. They were good, and probably would be fine in any restaurant in Italy where cooked vegetables are often served at room temperature.  We think the server needed to tell us that they are severed warm, and not hot, as may be anticipated by some diners.  At $7.95 this was not an expensive antipasto, and were we more hungry, ordering two servings would have been a better choice.

Our choice of Pizza was the Napoli ($13.95). This was made with San Marzano tomatoes, Fior di Latte cheese, anchovies, and at our request, Sausage ($3,00).  The pizza was very good. It was perfectly baked, and was as tasty as we had anticipated. We accompanied our dinner with a couple of glasses of Aglianico Frattasi red wine – really nice with the pizza.

The only other item we ordered was a bottle of sparkling mineral water. ($4.00)  The total bill – including tip – was $58.92.

As noted above, we have been to Pomo a number of times, and on our next trip to Scottsdale will probably go there again and try another few of their choice food offerings.  It is a great place to go for good food and service.

In summary, Pomo Pizzeria Napoletana creates the truly authentic pizza experience utilizing the same simple methods that were practiced for hundreds of years in Napoli, Italy, where pizza was born and perfected. The restaurant address is: 6166 Scottsdale Rd., Scottsdale, AZ 85253. Pomo may be reached by phone at 1-480-998-1366, or by  logging on to their web site at http://pomopizzeria.com/




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