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Syrah Library

2007 Syrah

2007 Syrah

Our 2007 Syrah is a Syrah blended with a bit of Grenache, and is thus a lush, fruit forward and complex wine. It was specifically blended to offer a smooth, yet complex wine that is drinkable now, and will continue to develop during the next few years. The grapes were picked at 26.5° Brix, at a pH of 3.60. The wine was fermented with yeast especially developed for Rhone varietals. After pressing, racking and blending, the wine was left in French oak barrels for 10 months. It was racked, fined and filtered in July of 2008. This Syrah blend contains 14.35% alcohol, is fruity with overtones of strawberries, and cherries, and possesses a very soft tannin structure.

The finish is long, and the mouth feel smooth. This wine is a food friendly wine.


2009 Syrah

This De Angelis Wine was bottled in mid-February of 2011. A limited release occurred in August 2011 after a lengthy bottle aging period.  We decided to do a full release to the general public some months later.

This is a 13.9% alcohol wine that brings flavor, balance, complexity and finish to this wine. Some of the complexity is due to blending a small amount (10.5%) of Grenache with the Syrah months prior to bottling. This blend has been offered in our Syrah since being originally introduced into our Syrahs in 2007.

We are very proud of this wine. Of note is the fact that this wine ages very well, and has not become much more the wine of choice in fine restaurants and food establishments

Pair this with any beef, lamb or veal dish, as well as with flavorful pasta dishes, especially those made with mushrooms, or truffles.