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Taggia @ Firesky Resort…AZ

Located in the FireSky Resort and Spa — 4925 North Scottsdale Road Scottsdale, AZ 85251

We  have stayed at the FireSky since long before it was the FireSky!  Given the number of restaurants in Scottsdale we saw little need to dine in a restaurant located in a hotel – even a fine hotel.  During our last stay, we met and had a number of opportunities to chat with the Executive Chef – Massimo De Francesca, of the hotel restaurant Taggia.   Each time we met, Massimo asked if we were coming to the restaurant. At first we were not sure, but after spending time with Massimo, we realized that here was a young Chef full of imagination and one who took his position quite seriously. We dined there twice. The first time we shared lunch with a friend who lives in Scottsdale, and who also owned a restaurant.  The second time we dined alone.

Lunch was a simple affair because we had appointments, and could not spend a great deal of time eating. We had a Caesar Salad  ($9.00) – always a good choice when trying a new restaurant, and a Smoked Turkey sandwich with bacon, guacamole, Fontina, basil aioli, on a ciabatta roll ($12.00). Our friend had the pasta special – a Carbonara, and thoroughly enjoyed it ($12.00).  In fact, everyone enjoyed the lunch.

We returned to Taggia on a Saturday evening and had what can only be described as a fantastic dinner. Far, far better than we anticipated. We started with a “smoked duck” Carpaccio ($14.00).  This was served with  king oyster mushrooms, blueberries and Parmesan.  Our other antipasti was the Pork Belly accompanied by espresso lacquered trumpets, cauliflower, and an ancho chili glaze ($13.00).  Both were superb. Yes, that’s still a word, and its use here is perfect.

The Chef also sent out a portion of Veal Smoked “Tonnato” emulsion served with capers, pickled eggs, and gherkin pesto.  We enjoyed that as much as the first two antipasti ($16.00).

To drink with the antipasti we ordered a Spanish Grenache.  The wine was quite nice as it was fruit forward, dry, and very balanced.

We chose two pasta dished for our entrées. One was a red wine fettuccine, rabbit confit, taggiasche olives, porcini mushrooms and pecorino cheese ($13). The second was Orecchiette “arrabiata” served with ricotta, sausage and broccolini ($11.00).  Both were very good – so much so that we shared each one so that both of us could enjoy the different tastes.  Each was accompanied by a very good 2009 California Pinot Noir.

Note that the prices for the pasta dished were for half portions. Full portions were proportionally higher.

For dessert we enjoyed a single serving – shared of “cool” sorbet in three flavors – Lemon Mango and Forest Berries.

Contact information for Taggia:

4925 North Scottsdale Road – on the corner of Southeast and Scottsdale, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Phone: 1-480-424-6095




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