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Winemakers Exercise Program…

We often see our friends and neighbors trudging off to the Gym or Health Club to “work out”. Knowing many of them, personally, we wonder how much “working out” is about Spandex, Lycra and other things?

We offer here a short and effective workout program, that costs nothing to endure, and will in fact keep one healthy, and result in – of all things – useful work. These exercises are more often than not done in a vineyard, but there is NO reason they cannot be done in a yard around one’s home. Furthermore they are not approved by anyone, and are free of government interference!

THE WEED KNEE BEND: Everyone has weeds. If you are one of the few who do not, offer to pull weeds at a neighbors or in a community garden. When spotting a weed, do not bend over to pull it. Go up to the weed, bend your knees, and do a squat. Then using whatever hand is appropriate, pull the weed. If pulling is not going to do it, use a “Weed Removal Tool”

THE WAIST WEED BEND: Approach the weed, keep the legs straight, and bend over form the waist. Now clutch the weed and pull it. Once that is accomplished, straighten up, and relax for 3 seconds.

THE TRUNK SUCKER REMOVAL SQUAT: Grape vines are prolific in the Spring, especially when it has been a year with plenty of rain. This exercise is one that anyone can do. All that is required is a pair of leather gloves, and a pair of clippers. Walk along the row of vines ( a good exercise in and of itself). when spotting a sucker growing from the trunk below the cordon (the horizontal part of the vine) bend over from the waist, twist your torso to maneuver yourself to where the growth is, and either take it off manually, or clip it off. Now straighten and go to the next vine. A variation of this is to do a knee bend, and remove the sucker. An effective way to enhance this exercise is to vary the technique every 5 vines.

THE GOPHER WALK Gophers are amazing little creatures. If they were not so destructive, I would consider raising them as pets. This exercise requires an inexpensive piece of equipment, euphemistically called a “Gopher Gun”. It is nothing more than a pointed tube, attached to a reservoir of poison. Inserting this into a gopher tunnel and releasing the poison is the trick here, but not necessary to benefit from this exercise. the exercise it the walking that is necessary to spot the gopher mounds. Take up your gun, and systematically walk the vineyard or yard (either yours or a friends). Depending on the size of the vineyard or yard, it is easy to get in a mile or more of walking in a very short time.

In the next segment of Winemaker Exercise Program we will introduce, the Pruning Wrist Tune, and the Stomach Rake Exercise, followed by the Tractor Mow Turn and Twist.

Remember – you do not need to join a Health club to do any of these exercises – just find a big yard or a vineyard that needs constant attention, and you are on your way to developing that body you may, or may not, want.



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